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Our Solutions and Services

Raifin provides a bridge between Europe and the rest of the world. We work with an invaluable network of financial professionals, who provide assistance with due diligence, business analysis, regulatory matters, and detailed examination of candidate investments.

Corporate Finance

For professional and institutional investors, managing risk while maintaining an acceptable level of return has never been quite so complex. In this environment, being on the right team is more and more the key.

Raifin specializes in finding the structurally correct investments – those that best complement a client’s existing portfolio and comfort level – so as to provide the performance they’ve come to expect, without taking on undue risk.

Raifin’s professionals research and analyze companies worldwide. We invariably find promising investment opportunities before they are uncovered by the rest of the market. Generally, those we recommend tend to have market capitalizations of under $500 million.

Get ahead of competitors now – put our team’s international experience to work today.

Investor Relations

As a leader of a publicly-traded company, you are undoubtedly aware that an important key component of your IR strategy is a broad shareholder base.
However, you may not be aware that there is a large group of potential shareholders in Europe, and Switzerland in particular. Generally speaking, the majority are institutions – investment fund managers, professional asset managers, private banks, insurance companies, etc.

Raifin SA is based in Zürich, and our firm can introduce you to the leading investors in your industry. Collectively, our principals have over 75 years of relevant experience, and each has an established network of contacts within the Swiss and European investment circles.

Currently, conditions in Europe – in particular Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and the UK – offer excellent opportunities for highly effective IR campaigns. This provides the opportunity to convey a corporation's story to an underserved target audience. It is a straightforward task to generate a high level of awareness among the professional investors, securities analysts, and bankers here.

Why come to Switzerland?
Switzerland’s size and close linkage with the international financial community (especially Europe) offer unusually favorable conditions when it comes to investor relations. Furthermore, Swiss investors have years of experience in transnational, sector-oriented investment strategies.

By the numbers…
Switzerland is the largest international financial center in continental Europe and a leader in cross-border equities trading. Swiss financial institutions manage more than one quarter of the world’s entire offshore wealth, and most of them invest on an international scale. Their primary focus is on the quality of companies they follow and less on where those firms are located. Some specifics:
• Nearly 500 banks/200,000 employees in the sector
• In excess of 1,000 investment funds managed here
• Total assets under management: CHF 4.56 trillion
Source: Swiss National Bank, 2005/6


Raifin also provides business development and strategic consulting services for companies based anywhere in the world that wish to do business in Europe. We are particularly focused on developing opportunities in Switzerland, Italy, and Monaco.

We enter into consulting engagements as part of a larger corporate finance or investor relations agreement, or as a stand-alone service.

Asset Management

We offer customized asset management and advisory services to individuals worldwide. We make use of our relationships with several top-class Swiss private banks, and can recommend a suitable one to hold our clients' assets while under our management mandate. However, since Raifin is fully independent, we aren't constrained by any particular bank's investment policy. Our interest remains aligned with the client.

Our primary offerings include:

Due diligence services, including performance analysis, risk mitigation, competitive position, regulatory issues, and management evaluation.

  • Strategy design and implementation support, personalized for each portfolio and its needs.
  • Professional advice on varied industry areas, based on our team’s direct experience


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